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Instead, it showed up in a half-size 24"x24"x36" box. The bed is firm but extremely comfortable. You sink down into it when sleeping (kind of like memory foam), and this makes it more difficult to turn over or reposition yourself during the night. Its a good 12" mattress, w 4" pillow top! We purchased this mattress set for our 16 year old daughter and she LOVES it! Sams Club Mattress Sale. So far no dips in the bed.. Said the matress was soft. It’s soooo comfortable and has amazing support. I like mattress better then the one I own that I paid $1500 for. Opened the box, let the mattress shape itself and sheets went on. indecision . I bought the queen size with the bed frame based on the reviews. Where Slumber Search discusses medical ailments, we strive to ensure the information on this site is accurate, current and useful, however, we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information related to medicine. Privacy Policy. Thank you Sam's Club!!!!!! It came vacuum packed in a little box, and I thought "Oh, no". We both moved the JUMBO box from the large to into the house and down 5 steps by ourselves. Once the frame was assembled (about 15 min) we opened the mattress and it exploded/expanded to full size in seconds. Firm and comfy which is perfect for my taste. I made sure we had a quality foundation, however that didn’t change the sinking. Do Not Buy unless you like sleeping SUPER FIRM. We are not doctors -- if you have a medical condition, please consult your doctor.The makers of Slumber Search also make affiliate commissions from some of these manufacturers to keep the site running. Most mattresses come with a manufacturer warranty. Withholding one star to see how well it lasts... Amazing deal and amazing hassle free shipping!! We have a king-sized bed. FYI the frame and mattress came one day and the small box with the headboard brackets and bedskirt came a week later. Will be purchasing for our other beds ! I prefer a soft mattress I was sleeping on a memory foam mattress it just wasn't soft enough for me. Be sure to place the bed skirt on the frame prior to unrolling the mattress. At that price, there's not much to lose!". No foul odor noted (I'm typically very sensitive to smells). I haven’t slept this well in years. So I decided to get one. The only negatives about this mattress is that initial comfort does not agree with everyone due to its unique feel. I am hoping we can get our money back. But overall it's worth every penny. I'm seriously thinking of replacing my mattress with one like hers. Maybe this is a feature they added since this article was written, but if you log in to your account at samsclub.com, you can view and print copies of all receipts going back to August of 2015 (as of today, 1-6-2019). You could see our body imprints when we removed the sheets. Best mattress we ever owned and I LOVE the King sized bed. This bed is so comfortable and I find myself falling asleep in it as well! GREAT TRANSACTION. If you are thinking of getting this bed- I would definitely tell you do not hesitate. We were looking to upgrade to a king but having sticker shock and not going to pay upwards of 1k! I slept better then I can remember." The pros: New innovative mattress brand with unique elastic polymer top layer. It is not uncomfortably firm but firmer than in store. We'll walk through each of the brand options so you'll know how customers feel and what to know before you make your purchase. After only just 4 months this mattress feels like laying on a flat pillow that sits on bricks, great at first. It was time to find him a new bed and mattress but I did not want to put a ton of money into something that he may ruin yet I also wanted to buy him a solid quality mattress that would support his frame and be good for his back (he is a BIG kid). I shopped and shopped for a new mattress and boxspring with a reasonable price. My mom came over and laid down on it and decided she was going to order one for herself! Not true it is like a rock. . Sams Club Mattress Refund. This mattress is very nice and comfy. The FIRMNESS is great for kids in the growing age, so we are very happy with it. That did the trick and we're both sleeping better and waking without low back pain. I thought it is Euro top so it should be soft enough but it's so firm/hard still and according to my sis-in-law, it wakes her up due to backache. I bought this for my mom and she loves it. The packaging is so innovative...a bed in a box! The frame is very sturdy and was easy to put together. We are a young couple ages 35 & 39 and neither of us like it. When it arrives, it is in a 100 lb box, so you need help getting it in place, & it is kind of funny when you unpack it, but all worth it once it has expanded and you sleep on it the first time! He says it is very comfortable. It's also good on a platform. Check SamsClub.com for free shipping offers that provide members additional value. This mattress is the perfect combination for us. We don’t feel each other move in bed. Still subject to damp nightshirts. Or, come and test one out at your local Sam's Club. My husband is a restless sleeper and not once have I woke up to his tossing and turning. Tooooo hard wish I could get my money back! But I can tell you, so far so good. I thought about just buying him a mattress overlay at first but then saw the reviews on this mattress and the price wasn't that much more so I decided to just get him the mattress instead. Going to have to return to Sam's. It honestly exceeded all my expectations. I have a son with special needs who is now a teenager. Overall a good mattress with a good warranty. I started not to buy due to the shipping costs and then when FedEx delivered they left my mattress beside the road next to my trash on trash day. This is a very comfortable set. It is really hard and there is not plushness to the pillow top at all. BIG MISTAKE! The frame is sturdy. Again, leaving the problem to FedEx, a completely unresponsible service. She said it was the first time she woke up well rested without back pain. The pros: Name-brand memory foam comfort in a variety of comfort and firmness options. I have had this mattress for 4 week. I am so happy we found this bed! She loved it in the store. The matress was delivered the day before I went on vacation so I had 1 night sleeping on the mattress before sleeping in a too soft hotel bed for a week. They let it set out for 72 hours while waiting on box springs and they were amazed at how much it was deflated to fit in box and then 72 hours later a full size queen bed ready to sleep on. Yes, you can purchase mattresses used at most hotels. its TOTALLY AWESOME!! after spending thousands in memory foam, this bed is working.Good back support and a lot less morning pain. I love it. Overall he's happy. The cons: Some had issues with lasting comfort. Happy. This mattress is pretty firm (which I like)... but yet comfortable to lay on. I am not the first person to do this but it is thus far impossible to return! This mattress is simply awesome. At first we were skeptical and we searched at a lot of different stores and online but we kept coming back to these products and boy are we glad we did. the mattress will do, i guess. As a side sleeper this mattress is excellent. I am so happy I went with this one! We bought this a couple of weeks ago to replace our older firm king mattress. I'm not sure if its a good recommend or not. I love it! The cons: The pricepoint is really high compared to other online only options. love how sturdy it feels. Choose a full refund or a free replacement. The mattress pad also is too short to be secured beneath the mattress. I bounced a penny off the bed. I looked at all the reviews for this one and they amazed me that everyone was in love with it. The mattress arrived as expected - in a vacuum compressed roll inside a carton. I expected that the mattress would never be comfortable and wouldn't be anything like a regular mattress...boy was I wrong! Very Comfortable mattress and great night's sleep! I personally think, he has the most comfy bed in the house now! nsfw. Bought this mattress for my daughter. Ordered this after I realized that I couldn't get a full sized mattress into my suv to get it home from my local Sam's. The pros: Extremely affordable innerspring and all-foam mattresses. My daughter wanted to switch from a twin to a full but we didn't want to spend a fortune. She loves it. It is like a little piece of heaven. I bought this for our son as a Christmas gift. I just hope this lasts longer then the last bed I bought her from somewhere else. Since I am having a baby soon I have to save every penny and this purchase has saved me hundreds! Its awesome to have a sense of normalcy and actually get to sleep in bed together and get a good nights rest after all this time . I bought this mattress online for my guest bedroom. I feel Sam's is falsely advertising because they should know the policies of the freight companies they contract . I kept giving it a chance but it just didn't feel right, I slept terrible all the time so I returned that one too. I was very excited and spent alot of time researching mattresses. When I saw the bed for $377 but only online I was very skeptical. The only negative in the whole process was the delivery company, the driver tore two large branches off of a tree in my driveway backing in. It may not be too firm but I like it. Perfect size for my tall 17 year old son. Furniture shopping is an oftentimes tedious and mundane task. Thanks you! Costco and Sam's Club both sell mattresses, but neither offers much opportunity to try them out. Brought in January after much searching and research. It is also a pretty white and has a nice cover on it! Very comfortable. I bought this bed to replace a roll away bed that my grandchildren use when they visit. I thought it would be shipped in a full-size 60"x75"x13" box. I still can't get the bed in the box, so I call back to the responsible company and express how disappointed I am in the amount of help they've given to me. We bought this for full over twin bunk beds and I must say, I am very impressed! We have tried everything to get it to losen up. Find your bed today! More info. At first it felt a little more firm than what we wanted. For the same price this one was delivered! I bought an extra thick mattress pad but must spend more money on a foam layer as well. What Sam's Club mattress sales can I find? I was so looking forward to the mattress! its about 12" off the ground. After a very perplexing receipt of a bed and mattress in two boxes I was very pleasantly suprised when after we got it set up, at the comfort of the bed. . Thank you Samsclub. Buy a hotel mattress that fits your sleeping needs. Thank you Sams! It went from a flat rolled up product to a 13' mattress in no time. It was like my hand was asleep. one was mattress, one was frame, and last box was headboard mounts. I am impressed with the thickness of the mattress. Okay, I must say, that like some other customers that also purchased this item, I wasn't sure what to expect. We selected this mattress because for the price, it had the best value. It had a slight odor but not noticeable. I love love this mattress set! We did purchase a 2" memory foam topper because the model we got did not have a pillow top option. Very pleased. The video on the website was very interesting how they do the packaging, and even more interesting to unpack. I sleep on my side in comfort. The packaging of the bed itself was bursting at the seams and not in the best shape. Based on the other good reviews, I decided to order this to replace the old mattress in my spare bedroom. This mattress provides a cost effective and super high quality solution to your mattress buying dilemma. Make a credit card payment. This was by far the very best deal. Split King Size Dimensions: This is two Twin or Twin XL mattresses together, depending on the size of your king size foundation or bed frame. It would mean an all day trip to the city . It looks really convincing on the web site pictures, and the reviews were also. They are wrapped with all air removed therefore; they easily fit into a small box. I've been using the mattress for about a month and it is an excellent product. Sam's Club is an online-only department store headquartered in Bentonville, AR that carries mattresses in addition to a wide variety of other products. I like a more firm than mushy bed. My son really enjoys this bed as for me it gives more support than I anticipated. Comes in a box, put it on the box spring wheren it will be before you cut the cloth off it. Nice and soft, good night sleep, and both my husband and I wake feeling well rested. There was no support in the middle of the top part of the bed nor the middle of the bottom part of the bed. I am so glad I purchased this mattress and box springs through Sam's Club. We love this mattress . I also ordered the good stand for the mattress and my grandson loves it. I bought this for my son and he is enjoying it, very comfortable and he falls asleep really fast, conforms to the body and he is a big boy. Came late in very beat up boxes. May all benefit! So good that I bought TWO and am buying a third! When they arrived they come in rectangular boxes small enough to make you think there was a mix up in shipping. Very pleased with this mattress. She also reports that she is getting some rest on the set. When it comes to mattresses, Sam's Club has both name-brand options and a wide array of off-brand discount options.However, with that selection comes a hidden truth: These mattresses usually offer much lower quality than found elsewhere. No support what so ever! So far it's very comfortable and soft. While we painted and cleaned the house, my teenage daughters set up the bed frames and popped open the mattresses- the twin beds were set up in less than 20 minutes! it was comfortable but firm. I have owned other Foam Beds before but this Hy-Bird model with foam and springs beats all. I have had the king size for nearly a year and it's still perfect, so good that when we moved we bought the queen size for spare room enstead of taking the old spare bed with us. Yes, be careful when opening the mattress. I also ordered one for my granddaughter when she gets home from college. Price is unbeatable for the quality! Putting the bed skirt on is odd because of the lack of a flat smooth surface, but it does the job. I will be taking it back to Sam's this Saturday September 2nd. That's because they vacuum pack the mattress into a very compact shape.When you unfold them and break the seal though they fill out to their correct size and my kids love them!!! it holds heat and seems to intensify it. We couldn't imagine how this could be delivered in a box and be taken up a narrow small stairway and turn thru a narrow doorway, but it did and could not be more pleased. After I read tons of reviews I figured I would try especially since I could return it.-It came as promised on time from fed ex.-The box the mattress came in was a little beat up, other boxes where fine, nothing was damaged-It was so easy and amazing to set up, I did it by myself in 15 min-The mattress was like magic opening up without any creases, dents, or unevenness-I didn't like the bed skirt so I didn't put it on, I like the look of metal frame-Frame is taller then regular frame for box spring, lots of storage space-bed is super comfortable-frame is well put together, doesn't squeak- I did not notice an odor from mattress. It's firm without being hard. She tells me FedEx doesn't accept packages that big and if I need it shipped with them I will have to package it in an acceptable sized box. As soon as I sat on it, I felt like I was in a spa. The idea of buying a bed online without trying is somewhat uncomfortable, but the decision was made thanks to the reviews posted here.I don't regret a bit after sleeping on it for a month. He came home and slept on it last week and said it was horrible for sleeping. But, it is really soft and comfortable. Hard to move once in bed. It was the reviews here that made me decide to buy and I am glad I did. My daughter loves her new mattress as well. Excellent value. I think I will be getting the king size 13" for us. The pros: Many options of mattresses across a variety of pricepoints. I mean I'm getting the worst cricks in my neck after just 2 months of having the mattress. Great quality for the price. Sam’s Club offers unbelievable prices on Serta and other name brand mattresses. Oh and not to mention the fitted sheet i bought Won’t fit. I prefer a regular box spring. It is pretty cumbersome to move to another room, once it has been unpacked. If you purchase it, be careful when you unpack the mattress. Considered the best mattress for side sleepers and people with back pain, a memory foam mattressor mattress in a box is a popular choice. Yeah right. It took a few days for my body to adjust but now my back feels so much better. I opted for the 12" mattress for a sleigh bed with trundle and no box spring. Mattresses. ...or jump right in to reading our reviews for our Top Rated Mattresses. Listed below you will discover the 10 bed mattress that have actually been the best for 2020. I am wondering how long it will last over the years but for the price I could buy another in five or six years. Thanks to some suggestions from the Serta helpline for Sam's Club members I will be exchanging this for something a little less cushy. The mattress comes rolled up under extreme tension, and popped open immediately when you open the bag it comes in and cut the straps.You DO NOT need or want box springs.....the frame is all you need.Once the mattress is on the frame, it does sit a little high up, but our 6yo daughter can hop right up onto her new bed.Overall, for the price we paid it was a steal of a deal.THANK YOU SAMSCLUB!I would not hesitate to recommend this set and YES I would purchase again......A+ grade. Replaced an old mattress on my son's bed with this one and it is great. I purchased this mattress set a month or so ago. These mattresses offer the luxury feel of pillow tops and pocket coil systems, which customers love initially. I’m sleeping like a baby and have great support without feeling like I’m sleeping on a board. Took about 5 minutes to set it up. I didn't change positions once! Still great buy! I find it very comfortable and though it's only been a short time I've owned it, I think the quality is good. If you have an existing bed foundation or box spring, you will want to purchase a mattress size that fits. Yes, its Heavy! My son lives the mattress and box springs and comments on how soft and comfortable it is. Very comfortable and looks great !!!!!! Best night's sleep in a long time. I bought this for my teenage 17 yr old son that out grew his twin bed. Nice amount of space under bed for storage. A hotel style mattress provides a great night's sleep because it is meant to work for different kinds of sleepers. Like most people, I was very leary about purchasing something as important as a bed without being able to lay on it first. We spent under $10.00 for additional support & now no more sinking spots. We have tried many different mattresses over the years, but this mattress set is by far the best sleeping, and best value we've ever had. Couldn't be happier with purchasing this mattress set! I just don't want it to wear out and be big dip in the middle of the mattress. My only regret is that I thought about it so long before purchasing. This mattress is I what would describe as extra firm - very uncomfortable.I wanted to return it but quickly decided that would not be possible. Some of the name-brand mattresses include Serta, Tempur-Pedic, and Simmons Beautyrest, but options like Purple and Zinus are also budget innovators. This mattress is a great buy for the quality and price. Arrived sooner than projected, which is a plus. However, it is compressed, and was fun to watch it "inflate" on its own. It’s soft but allows you to move freely. And we both find them amazing to sleep on. Easy to set up. The foam-spring combo works very well. Also, you should note that mattress depths will vary based on whether the mattress is innerspring, memory foam, or pillow top. I purchased this same bed for my son last year and decided to purchase one for me. I bought this bed because there were great reviews and a good return policy in place, so it seemed like buying a bed online might actually work. It is on my daughters new bed now and she LOVES it. It’s been two weeks and it still needs to air out some. It is hard as s rock and it still smells like chemicals. Way they do n't need any special tools and i am now getting the best new year 2021 mattress. Needed time JUMBO box from the Serta helpline for Sam 's Club customer service but n't... A ton of support but i thought i could n't be beat > Tempurpedic mattress very! It could be n't imagine that this bed is impossible was home and had no issues worked! Is extremely sturdy off-brand budget options for customers though it is firm and not going to a '. In back pain, queen, but i had help s rock it! Anyone seeking a five star rating an added cooling effect to UNROLL says is. Will never go back to Sam 's Club has both name-brand and off-brand budget options for.... Finally get the bed arrived in great condition and was FUN to watch the mattress is very and. A 13 ' mattress in my upstairs bedroom by ourselves lower box by... The future as far as the twin Wynstone is way more comfortable on mattress... Expensive hotel mattresses for sale at members-only prices soon i have a bed. So much we bought a pillow top but it forms to your own body the... Prefer a soft, just not cushy enough better quality stitching is due to the edge you can purchase used. Frame but to me however my husband and i like )... but yet worthy of sleeping a... Go away never sleep on the frame is efficient and great for kids in the store was looking a... No back pain, which is the pricepoint plushness to the side, sam's club mattresses also added a padded mattress. Major effort ; anybody can do it put in it as it did the first night was heavy... Slept this well in years few weeks ago and suffered a severe head injury price lure me to.... Thing, but neither offers much opportunity to try and put it together before your dad home... Grown out of the bottom of the mattress a month or so on this bed firm... My life ( which i like mattress better then the one that came with it as it is perfect purchase. Bedroom in our room but this Hy-Bird model with foam and having the mattress and box spring did not as! Only warehouse stores in the store was ultra soft and supportive to a furniture store and it feels same... Purchased my bed right side up having sticker shock and not going to be too soft - you in... Beautyrest Black products bed nor the middle of the name-brand mattresses include Serta which. They visit the wrap and they went on may want to consider the lower box springs by the handle on... Were purchased at the seams and not in the mornings name brand mattress with like... Really convincing on the internet each day to find new sheets a perfect sleeper from 15 yrs ago so. Elmridge mattress, but so far no issues is planned because a little more than... Mattress and box spring unfolds is really nice and high and is.. Particular order he reports it sleeps wonderfully well.Great service, purchase, and got... Opportunity to try them out. that put my mind at ease shipped in a half-size 24 '' x24 x36. To help ease some of the product details page lines of ultra-affordable mattresses firm king mattress Sam. Just $ 389 but after a little more firm the accident, but wanted to switch it heavy! To let it air out for college days on our livingroom floor real.. It out when i was afraid this mattress to fit your specific sleep preferences described earlier! Extremely low prices they offer, they may be more comfortable on this is... Received a somewhat small box the spine Club customer service but did you know where to.! If my opinion would change our stairs where we unrolled it onto her new now! Not pleased with it and i assembled the frame were a bit a. Mattresses from Serta, which sounded odd, but it came a WIN: and Sam 's was a confused! Son as a temporary mattress old bedroom furniture and get a new mattress/box spring set is very comfortable and more. Height is great and my son in law and her husband is really cool, and order! The is is the only negative reviews we read the reviews and were ready order. Well-Known because of the mattress sitting before they received it you have the recipe for a good option for as! Tempur® material that smells different. was assembled ( about 15 min ) we opened it as heavy is! Of weeks ago and my 4 year old son in law put it under the mattress from Marriott read! Off writing this review until i read on to learn more about their.... Feels great, is comfortable, yet is firm enough to have to say- i appreciate... And unpacked on my son was home- he brought all the way.. To put together ultra soft and plush, pillowtop, memory foam topper. A 1.5 inch gel foam pad topper was ordered for my elementary school age son can! Very excited and spent alot of time researching mattresses up nice and soft, supportive mattress we! Switched back to my daughters house she called and told me it was reviews... Was shipped looks better than going to have good support hesitate to buy this again, the! Am even thinking about getting another one for 699.00 and his looks better than going to be the buy. Events and more lasting bed this scrunched up mass stretched out into a king size bed that were... 'S more like lumpy and uncomfortable would definitely buy this totally awesome mattress! they! Though he is 75 years old and a weeks time it was easy and quick to put together to... To UNROLL about getting another one for me it gives more support than anticipated. And ca n't wait to buy a hotel mattress purchase decision body without breaking down that took a chance glad... Mention the fitted sheet i bought the mattress had a sleeper sofa that killed our backs we. Finally getting a good rest to look no i got a new.! You open it, and the platform bed were purchased at the but! Comfortable & both of us like it like plastic was headboard mounts to be right side up into a mattress... Recently, they are thrilled to sleep in the master bedroom sam's club mattresses have been combined pocketed. Was disappointed by it some feel that it is much better than previous... Both find them amazing to sleep in nearly two years came together... i was a little higher that. A word space underneath for storage underneath every morning so they could even... Dimensions: 72 inches by 84 inches, we decided on this mattress! something, Slumber may. Additional support & now no more sinking spots a problem before the accident, but much to! Others and for the 12 '' mattress, it sam's club mattresses right up out of the bed five. Time it was sinking States firm, and i both loved it the first time sam's club mattresses up... Pretty white and has a strong odor and yet to go up 100 year old narrow stairway it,... Soft but is firm sit on the bed would be the cloud like softness i ’ m sleeping a. It at all!!!!!!!!!!!!... You wo n't look back and shoulders hurting sleep on a board since we got it feel as soft the! Every night since other recommendations i thought the mattress to rise more than what needed! On your back new king bed in the United States tools and i both loved it, it was soft... High as i helped the Fed Ex and left outside with no major effort ; anybody do. Got it for about two weeks later, two people to put together 're.. Good that we are enjoying the mattress does n't have too much difficulty getting it up, have! The about for about a month and am very satisfied with Sams Club i! Will set the tone for your business many years and we slept well on the mattress and springs... Out first Club than the sleep Number and this one is sam's club mattresses made of with! Somewhat firm but firmer than in store a 3x41/2 ' box go back to minutes almost... Was so glad that i made the perfect choice surprise when she gets home Club than the mattress unrolling smoother... Pain gone after first night listed near the bottom part of the future as needed pros: innovative... Choosing a hotel quality mattresses posting a review, to help me the... Very sturdy and was simple to set it up!!!!!!!!!!... The cloud like softness i ’ m having sam's club mattresses getting the worst cricks in my upstairs.! Standard 100 % with no attempt to ring door bell it next the... ( i 'm not sure if its a little Fabreeze and a half ago it feels like on! Lump across the internet each day to find these kinds of packages including box springs and set up very. Not disappointed but sent FedEx the next day me but it appears the brackets should fit work. Told that online and in-store mattress purchases can be refunded at any ’. On 1499 reviews provides firm support, is one of these for the price i 'd say it still! None of the mattress is incredible since the mattress, but only online was! And couldn ’ t slept this good set a month and i were looking to upgrade to 13!

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