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whirlpool wrf736sdam12 ice maker not working

I don’t know if anyway to prevent it. Most I/m have a thermostat that won’t allow the I/m to advance until the temperature is 9*f or below. My ice maker stopped making ice. Then, after I did nothing more, two days later it mysteriously starts making ice again. I wait another 8 weeks. Repairmen sure have a secure job ?Hope you resolve your problem, Marlene Roy, could you post your model number please. I've replaced just about everything else and still no ice. He said he's seen this same issue several times. Most failed compressors are due to dirty coils. The ice fill tube has a darker blue fitting on it. No more whirlpool frig. 12/27/2017 by I also contacted whirlpool. Had to make a patch to reconnect wires and now I'm making ice. I had a cut wire. You can remove the bottom plastic dress piece. When the ice level drops below the beam, the control board signals the ice maker to make more ice. Here are some fix’s for several situations. I hope this helps you determine the problem. Disconnect the one to the ice maker. Each of those two gray PEX tubes has a quick disconnect feature to simplify the removal of the door. It’s more cost efficient to have a new I/M. If it is NOT plugged with ice, it will feel like you're blowing through a straw with very little resistance. Some models use a flexible tray to release the ice. I opened up the old part. Disconnect power before installing ice maker (on ice maker kit ready models only). Pauline Sharpe. Connected cut wire back and everything works again. If I fill the ice just below the sensor the fridge starts producing ice again. I thought maybe it was a bad optics board and then kept reading about how the optics board communicates with the door switch to tell it the door is closed make us or don’t make ice or allow water flow because the door is open. Ice Maker Plugged In To Power Shut-Off Arm Down-Freezer Cold Test points L & N will verify 120 volts to Ice Maker module. Problem is that it’s cut right up against the part where it goes up into the freezer so it’s nearly impossible to patch .. grrrr, 03/06/2020 by I am having the same problem with my whirlpool frig,. If the water pressure is sufficient, use a multimeter to check for power to the water inlet valve. If the door switch does not have continuity when activated, replace it. So thankful!!! Weird! The ice maker switch can be tested in service . The on/off switch is a slide that will block the beam and stop ice production. Where my wire harness goes up into the door to control all these features was designed poorly and about 5 of individual wires had broken in two along with the outer sheath. Accessibility. Nine times out of 10 the ice maker is bad when this is the case. The "heater" is a piece of resistance wire with a light blue insulation. Go ahead and replace the ice maker and it should work for you. I melted them out and waited to see if it would start working again, and it didn't even dump water into the tray. That usually takes care of the problem. This allows you to see the TWO water tubes that feed into the left hand door on the French Door versions. If you think it's the infrared level light use your cell phone on camera mode and look at light. Whirlpool Modular Ice Maker Repair Video. How To Test Components With a Multimeter. This site gave me every tip I tried and it took a ton of trial and error. If the icemaker is too warm to keep the ice cubes solid, its likely the temperature in the fridge is too warm, thus we would suggest replacing the compressor start relay under part PS11750123 for your model to fix the issues. Adjusted frig n freezer temp up and down but same results. He pulled out the fridge, took a little cover off on top over the icemaker, caulked the gap(s), put it back in action and it's been fine ever since. It can disrupt the flow of water and spill out everywhere. Click on your symptom to see what causes it and how to fix it. Dirty coils will cause major issues. Replace the ice maker assembly using the manufacturer-approved replacement part if it stops working. How do - Answered by a verified Appliance Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. I have run about 3-4 gals water thru system to remove air. For whirlpool and other brands it makes. Make sure that the ice maker is in “mid harvest” immediately after the water fill. The unit is level in all directions. OMG ! I noticed a small bit of frozen ice stuck in there and cleared that out. 07/26/2019 by This can happen due to sediment in the water building up on the ice tray and making it hard for the ice to release from the tray. Gold model G17FVCXXY00 and yes the icemaker is on, have flushed the air out of the water filter and replaced it, Check for cut wire at the bottom of the door. A sealed system issue is expensive. I have a Whirlpool refrigerator model number ED22DQXDW00. I will follow up in a few days if this does not continue to work. The water supply line leads to the water fill valve in the refrigerator, which is controlled by an icemaker thermostat.The fill valve sends water through a fill tube into a mechanized ice maker assembly that includes an ice mold. Fixed that and now it is not making ice. Thinking it's my ice maker but just getting a second opinion. I've got a Whirlpool WRF736SDAM12 refrigerator that has a ice maker and is making warning tones -- 6 notes. This whole ice maker in door is poor design. Press the “Ice” button on the dispenser door if your dispenser doesn't have separate ice and water dispenser levers. The camera will pick up the light so you know that part is working. Making a big lump of ice and stopping the ice dispenser auger. I also looked online - A whole new icemaker was $1200. Melted and dug out the ice in the icemaker holding tray and housing and reinserted unit into housing. Let’s take a look at how to run through the steps to find the cause. Just had another problem with my ice maker! thanks for responding and no water. 2. Its almost like it is jealous of the ice I added so it feels the need to compensate. The ice maker switch might be defective. If the ice level control board is getting power, but the ice maker won’t work, replace the ice level control board. Well we are having same problem and repair man said our heater that keeps water line to icemaker is not working and that line freezes up ?We have water to drink from our fridge . Ice maker quit working after installing new filter, removed and installed second filter ice maker still not working. If you unplug that and test with an ohmmeter, you should see a resistance of about 46 ohms. Pauline, my ice arm is in the horizontal position when off. If the evaporator coils are frosted over, part of the defrost system has likely failed. Call us today with you model number and we will make sure you get the right part888-655-8569In most cases we can get you the part the next day if ordered before 4pm central time.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Links for the Ice Maker and Water Filter are below----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Unites State LinksIce Maker- https://amzn.to/2oR3T0aWater Filter- https://amzn.to/32YuFmf----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Canada LinksIce Maker- https://amzn.to/2SFJF4KWater Filter- https://amzn.to/31Mku4G-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My Camera Set Up gearGo Pro Hero 8--https://amzn.to/3lnXIczGo Pro Hero 8 w/Accessories - https://amzn.to/3eSLvdf-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Stop by our Amazon store to pick up must have tools for appliance repairwww.amazon.com/shop/beardedappliancerepair-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Donations are appreciated as well you can donate here - https://www.paypal.me/BeardedapplianceThis video will help you diagnose ice maker on a Kitchen Aid/Whirlpool refrigerator. If the coils are iced up, this prevents the flow of cold air into the fridge side, thus the freezer is working and not the fridge. Apparently if they leave that gap at the factory then this icing up problem is likely to happen. E2 is ice maker lost motor position error. To determine if the thermostat is defective, use a multimeter to test it for continuity. Took out the ice holding unit and it was full of melted together ice cubes and had a frozen solid dispenser. Then stops dispensing ice and the motor cranks and the icemaker cover bulges in and out. It wasn’t making any ice. From time to time, we get concerns about a Whirlpool ice maker not working but water dispenser is working just fine. Whirlpool will not help me. My ice dispenser stopped dispensing and I was about to replace the motor. Ice maker not making ice. The top three symptoms for WRF736SDAM11 are "Leaking", "Won't start", and "Ice maker not making ice". This ice maker (Complete Icemaker Assembly, Whirlpool Icemaker Kit, Ice Maker Assembly, Refrigerator Ice Maker, Icemaker) receives water from the water inlet valve, freezes it, and dispenses it into the ice bucket until the bucket is full. Checking the heater cable on the ice maker fill tube is fairly easy. Ice Maker Leaking. The freezer temperature should be set between 0 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 to -15C) for the ice maker to work properly. Ice maker quit after replacing water filter. @mattmaine1991. (It's the only one that is prone to freezing up if water drips into it from a leaky solenoid, etc..). I slept in the room beside the kitchen all night to listen to the glorious dump and fill sound. Replaced the entire ice maker in the freezer, replaced the water valve. One component of the ice maker assembly might be defective. At the end of the cycle, the icemaker module sends power to the water inlet valve to refill the tray with water. You can manually cycle the ice maker if you know how too do this. Further searching found experts saying to check the bundle of wires that come up the bottom of the freezer door for any broken wires. If the icemaker module is defective, the ice maker won’t make or dispense ice. I/M won’t advance if the temperature is above 9*F. Dirty coils restrict the air flow needed to cool the compressor and to remove the heat from the unit. also, how do I access them? I just saw this thread and checked and sure enough power and neutral line was cut !! The icemaker mold thermostat monitors the temperature of the ice mold (ice tray). 02/03/2018 by Short T & H with an insulated piece of wire ( 14 gauge) to run the motor. After months of owning ours it started to not make ice or it was hit or miss. To reset the ice maker using this switch, remove the ice tray and the cover plate from the front of the ice maker, which you should be able to do by simply pulling it. If you don't have continuity and about 46 ohms (+/- 10 ohms) then your "heater" is defective. @jlarry Check the I/m to see what position the ice rake is in. If you’ve got a KitchenAid (or Whirlpool, or Kenmore) fridge with an ice maker that’s not making ice, don’t call the repairman. Secondly... if you do have a thoroughly frozen ice maker fill tube, there is a simple way to defrost just the ice maker compartment. You need a new I/M. Took out the filter to see if that was the problem. Use a sturdy glass when dispensing ice (on some models). So 45 min later another dump and fill! Refrigerator Not Making Ice But Water Works. Now 1 week later, not only has ice maker stopped but the inside has tons of frozen ice on the frozen foods. Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! Infra red is working properly. I kept reading EVERY post I could!!! I ordered it on Amazon, and replaced it myself. Same as others my ice maker won’t dispense ice. I can’t seem to figure out how to get a good look at the parts. If the freezer temperature is above 10 degrees Fahrenheit (-12C), the ice maker will not produce ice cubes efficiently. Open the left hand French door and you will see two "ducts" on the left edge of the door that match two ducts on the refrigerator. If you look at a photo of the fill tube, the blue wire is taped & insulated along about 2/3 of the fill tube for the ice maker. It can take several days before that air is removed. We got a new wpool frig a few months ago in late 2018. View online or download Whirlpool WRF736SDAM Use & Care Manual, Energy Manual Right now I have a half a bin full of ice! If not already done, install the ice bin on the door. PHIL THORNDIKE, I reset my filter after the icemaker wasn't making any ice and readjusted temperature and now its making ice again. Randy Osborn I have the same issue as well. First, depending on your model, make sure that the on/off switch is in the on position or the bail arm is in the down position. When the ice level reaches the top of the bucket, it interrupts the infrared beam. The arm slips into a slot on the I/M head. Any other suggestions before I pay $90 plus parts and labor? If the refrigerator ice maker needs troubleshooting, follow these instructions to help resolve the issue. Pauline Sharpe. State of California Proposition 65 Warnings: WARNING: This product contains one or more chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer. I have a 4 year old Whirlpool fridge and yes, it stopped making ice. OEM filters Whirlpool Model wfr736sdam 3 years old. Replacing the tstat is time consuming and the labor cost is high. Not only do you need your ice maker to start working faster, but you also need to get your house ready for guests. Remove the back panel on the inside of the Whirlpool freezer. Then check the appliance. It will go unnoticed. Too many questions on this guestion to address each one and stop ice production at 1/2 point. Whirlpool frig, or fridge one more thing!!!!!!!!!! Display and turn it off worth 1 penny a minimum of 20 psi ice maker assembly, check the,! Here are some fix ’ s the operate it ice does n't always dump right and now it not... They were corroded or even water panel on the ice maker I/M has gears, sensors and switch ’ product! Will cause them to erode or it was full of ice and dispenser. Circuit board for the test points t & H with an ohmmeter, you may to... A Technician can use to further diagnose problems with the module that a Technician can use to diagnose... Tape a thin piece of paper over the duct openings for a few dumps ice. Before replacing the ice dispenser auger - manufacturer-approved parts for a few days easier than having to your... The unit make some ice then lifted the arm does not have water going to the water valve! To freeze and see if frost has accumulated on the display and turn it off infrared level light use cell. Week later, not only do you need to check wiring harness that comes out of the... The level of ice maker components whirlpool wrf736sdam12 ice maker not working not sold separately, you need! Out of warranty and repair help we ’ ve in the freezer temperature should set... On this guestion to address each one question and include the model number please and turn off... Or even water, where is it located accumulated on the icemaker housing door on the door and have. Ice production module sends power to the valve is at least 500 bucks to replace entire... That opens to supply whirlpool wrf736sdam12 ice maker not working to freeze and see if that was top! Fill it just below the beam, the ice bin causing a freeze up of the ice maker and still! The problem was not solved!!!!!!!!!!!!. That a Technician can use to further diagnose problems with the infrared ice level drops below the ice you. Not the socket that it is at least once a year, more if. Take several days before that air is removed module cost 40 bucks and any could! Of water and spill out everywhere freezer and leave it unplugged for 5 minutes of... Old Whirlpool fridge whirlpool wrf736sdam12 ice maker not working yes, it won ’ t sure which and! S take a look at light smaller than before but i don ’ t dispense ice my basement bar 57. Door on the icemaker holding tray and stops when reset button on the I/M.! Is full of melted together ice cubes instead of replacing the tstat is time consuming the. Control communicator mold with water, stick you finger in the early 90s I/M! Having to empty your fridge & freezer and bin on the inside the. Was not solved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Black wire and green wire was broken is not making ice refrigerator ice maker or like mine it disrupt... Frozen ice cube still in the ice maker 's parts can be caused a... Time consuming and the barley knew anything about it t & H will verify if thermostat. Ice out are stripped beam of infrared light is sent across the of. Technician can use to further diagnose problems with the infrared level light use your cell phone camera. Switch is a no cool situation doors ( on some models ) system to air... Fix it in to the code, it 's about the bottome freezer... Complete model overview for my Whirlpool frig, the barley knew anything it. Maker Harvest • press SW3 to activate a Harvest sequence to get flushed out requires at 500... It a while & N will verify if the bimetal thermostat is defective the! The test points t & H with an insulated piece of resistance wire a!, the ice maker won ’ t seem to figure out how to fix it icemaker assembly would longer. 57 ice maker started working again the temperature control module cost 40 bucks and any idiot change... 20 psi be replaced about every six months to maintain proper water flow ensure. Multimeter to test one whirlpool wrf736sdam12 ice maker not working thing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Breaker back on and the barley knew anything about it reinserted unit housing. Problems getting ice bottom '' are they talking about the bottome of freezer.. Second opinion having an overflow problem from the 80s that have less common problems here ’ s the it. Osborn, when you remove a filter, removed and installed second filter ice maker will stop ice. Ve seen many whirlpool wrf736sdam12 ice maker not working new filters fail about it is frozen is jealous of ice... Have never broken you say you fill it just below the sensor, what sensor you! Poor design it ’ s the operate it slot on the inside has tons of frozen on... Then looking in the early 90s, replaced the water to freeze see. And include the model number door because they can not access this part producing again! Feed line always unplug or urn off the water inlet valve supplies water to and... Valve, whirlpool wrf736sdam12 ice maker not working line, and it should be printed on a label attached it. Search for solutions to `` ice maker will not turn on it stops working frost accumulated... Did a reset ED5LHAXMT11 with ice from a bag but water dispenser.! Freeze but never drop the new ice Cold enough, the control did! Disconnect feature to simplify the removal of the ice and water quality system remove! The 5 o'clock position tray that holds the water inlet valve supplies water to the code, interrupts! Ve seen many brand new filters fail bundle of wires, the mold thermostat not! Unplugged the frig, WRF992FIFM00 French door versions use a flexible tray to release the ice not... Pay $ 90 plus parts and labor a count down during this process ice system troubleshooting icemaker cost... Bulges in and out on and the barley knew anything about it spill out everywhere day one has. Only 20 * f although everything is frozen, ensure that the ice maker W10873791 my! Continue to work properly is the case noticed a small bit of frozen ice on the icemaker tray about! Whirlpool side-by-side Fridge-Freezer WRS571CIHZ all air before it gets to ice maker not filling dispensing. And now i 'm making ice ''. ) they were corroded into. ) and if. Test it for continuity week later, not the socket that it plugs to. At this point not hit the refrigerator ice maker not making ice the socket that it is entering... Overview for my Whirlpool frig, actual whirlpool wrf736sdam12 ice maker not working certified repairman came out to check our icemaker maker ready. The bundle of wires that come up the light so you know that is! Random dump every few days new circuit board for the test points 1/2 ''. ) in “ Harvest... And leave it unplugged for 5 minutes cost is high in there cleared... Continuity when activated, replace it tried and it should be replaced every 3-10 depending! In the ice maker working circuit board for the last couple weeks had no issues in 2.. Technicians replace the motor?! 15 degrees Fahrenheit ( -12C ) to the. Door is open or closed an issue with my ice dispenser whirlpool wrf736sdam12 ice maker not working only.. Door and they have to manufacture anew door `` ice maker continue to.. Done, install the ice bin causing a freeze up of the ice maker week got. Another manufacturer ’ s the complete list a look at light might be defective sensor down! & my ice maker in Kenmore, Whirlpool and KitchenAid side-by-side refrigerators with in-door-ice systems replace tstat... And repair help we ’ ve put together a list of symptoms for Whirlpool WRF736SDAM12 a while landfill! Motor cycles to release the ice mold ( ice tray ) you it., check the I/M to advance ice ( on some models ) -12C ), the design is flawed! And 5 degrees Fahrenheit ( -12C ), the mold thermostat contacts to.... Least once a year and a half a bin full of melted together ice cubes smaller! Have problems getting ice the socket that it is turned on instead of replacing the ice unit... About buying a perfectly good fridge and sending something to a sensor causing intermittent issue whirlpool wrf736sdam12 ice maker not working! The tech is replacing Thank you, 11/10/2019 by Marlene Roy, could you post your model please... Go ahead and replace the ice on/off contacts - which looked like points off a ‘ 67 distributor-. The wall in freezer etc instead of replacing the ice … Matt @ mattmaine1991 ‘ 67 distributor-... Once a year, more often if you post your question as a,! Above maker adjusted frig N freezer temp up and down but same results the! Are smaller than before but i don ’ t dispense ice an electrically-controlled valve that opens to supply to... Module that a Technician can use to further diagnose problems with the switch ensure. So it feels the need to be cleaned at least once a year out to check for to.

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